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This website lets you search and browse pedagogic corpora in 7 European languages.

The corpora are based on structured video interviews with pupils between 13 and 18 years of age. The interviews have been annotated and enriched for language learning purposes. Feel free to explore them on your own! Access to the corpora and the videos is free of charge. To watch the videos, please install RealPlayer.

The names in the SACODEYL corpora are fictional and do not represent the real identities of the interviewees. The interviewees and/or the interviewees' parents or tutors have formally consented to the use of their interviews for educational purposes. NO OTHER USE of the materials is allowed. The SACODEYL web site and the SACODEYL videos are provided as an integral part of the SACODEYL system and their use is only envisaged in the context of the SACODEYL search facility.

Permission from copyright holders is needed to create, among others, external course materials or web sites. You need to obtain permission when you use SACODEYL products in any ways that infringe on the exclusive rights granted to the copyright holders. For all non-educational uses, please contact sacodeyl@um.es.

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